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Easy and Fast Everyday Makeup For All Eye Colours

So this is a makeup look that is super easy and very fast and I think is perfect for everyday wearing. You can make this look fancy and choose any colour you like, but I prefer to stick to my ‘natural’ colours (colours that look best with my eye colour). All you need is 1 eyeshadow, a brush to apply the eyeshadow with and a eyebrow/eyeliner brush. Also, a mascara if you like. This look doesn’t require eyeliner. If you don’t own an eyebrow/eyeliner brush try to find the thinest brush you have that would create a smooth line. If you don’t know what colours/shades will look best with your eyes take a look at my tips:

If you have blue eyes:

DO NOT WEAR BLUE EYESHADOW! That is possibly the worst colour for you to choose. Try to stick with earth tones like browns, greys and purple based colours. If you want something really different I suggest using a light peach-pink/rose colour which will look great against the blue.

If you have brown eyes:

Most people with brown eyes can wear quite a variety of colours, but deep greens and pinks look the best. You can also try blue eyeshadow, and I love to use a goldy-brown colour with maybe a hint of golden glitter.

If you have green to hazel eyes:

Different shades of purple will make your eyes pop, but natural tones like chocolate colours and oranges can look good too if your looking for more of a natural look.

And finally, the actual eye makeup tutorial:

1) Prep your eyes with a primer (I find that a tinted moisturiser works great too and makes your eyelids look healthy and tanned).

2) Lightly dab your chosen colour over your lid and into the crease, BUT NO FURTHER! Be careful not to put too much on, and just go layer by layer until your happy with the amount. Because you are using just one colour, it is important not to go OTT with the colour.

3) Using your eyebrow/eyeliner brush, use the same colour to draw a small line under your waterline, just like an eyeliner. Again, be careful not to wear too much or make the line too thick. This line simply makes the eye makeup appear more put-together.

4) Optional step. Apply as much mascara as you would like.

So thats the completed look. I recommend a simple lip gloss and your normal foundation. I don’t wear a blush with my look.

Hope you liked this look, good luck!

Posted on 23 January
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